Focusing on Li-Ion batteries from LINAK

The Li-Ion based batteries from LINAK, are providing healthcare equipment with a stable and reliable performance for adjustable medical applications - and up to four times longer battery life compared to a traditional lead acid battery solution

Product News:  2018년 9월 19일 수요일
Focusing on LINAK Li-Ion batteries

The Li-Ion based batteries from LINAK ensure that adjustable medical applications, such as e.g. patient lifts and sit-to-stand lifts, have a stable and reliable performance - and with up to four times longer battery life compared to a traditional lead acid battery solution.

Reduced environmental impact
LINAK believes in ‘going green’ and with the lithium ion technology we embrace just that. With our range of lithium ion batteries, the environmental footprint is reduced compared to conventional lead acid batteries. Lithium ion batteries produce less waste due to the up to four times longer product life. The LINAK Li-Ion technology offers a long-lasting battery capacity, a 40% weight reduction and longer battery lifetime. Subsequently, less transportation of batteries in total means a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions compared to conventional batteries. 

Optimisation in healthcare
By adding lithium ion batteries, you will have a low-weight solution with easy battery replacement. The result is optimised workflows and stable lifting performances in medical applications - improving ergonomics for healthcare professionals all over the world. 
The BAJL Li-Ion 2.25 Ah and BAJL Li-ion 4.50 Ah were developed especially for medical applications to support caregivers who work with mobile and adjustable equipment and who perform frequent and often significant lifting. With LINAK Li-Ion batteries the common denominator is an optimised working environment, stable and high-performing equipment with constant and long-lasting battery power. 

If you want to know more about the LINAK Li-Ion batteries, or any of the LINAK products for healthcare applications, please contact your local LINAK office


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