Elegant design, small and robust. This is the new LA20 Inline actuator

With its slim and compact design, the new LA20 is a small actuator suited for a wide range of healthcare applications.

Product News:  2018년 7월 11일 수요일

The new LINAK actuator, the LA20, is a small inline actuator designed to withstands harsh environments within the medical industry, where today’s treatment applications require movement in solutions where space is limited and design matters. With a strong lifting capacity in push of up to 2,500 N, which is a relatively high load for an inline actuator of this size, the LA20 is synonymous with efficiency and straightforward performance. This actuator is ready to meet the trend of heavier patients and the increased focus on ergonomic in working environment. 

The LA20 can easily be fitted into any application as the slim and lean design makes the LA20 compatible with a wide range of healthcare applications where space is either limited or where size is important. The actuator is equipped with exchangeable cable for easy mounting and replacement of the cable.  

The LA20 is a strong and reliable inline actuator with feedback signals for precise positioning and electrical end-stop ensuring a stable and reliable performance, long lifetime and putting safety first for both the OEM, the healthcare practitioner as well as for the patient.


보다 많은 자료를 원하신다면 귀하의 국가에 있는 LINAK 지사 및 대리점으로 연락하십시오.

LINAK은 인류의 삶의 질 향상과 작업환경 개선을 위해 혁신적인 엑츄에이터 솔루션을 제공합니다.

LINAK은 “전동 엑츄에이터 시스템” 분야의 혁신적인 글로벌 리더가 될 것입니다.

Updated: 2018년 7월 11일 수요일 오전 6:42