Support rehabilitation efforts with reliable sit-to-stand lifts

As the focus on rehabilitation grows so does the need for assistive technologies. LINAK provides a full actuator system for applications like a sit-to-stand lift with the same focus and the same amount of safety features as any other patient lift.

Corporate News:  2018년 7월 6일 금요일
Support rehabilitation efforts with reliable sit-to-stand lifts

The WHO estimates that there will be 2 billion people over the age of 60 in the world by 2050. At the same time, other statistics suggest that by 2035 we will be short of 12.9 million healthcare professionals.

It goes without saying, that healthcare must change to maintain the level of care we all expect. Fortunately, technology and knowledge will help us get on the way. 

Self-help and rehabilitation focus increases
One of the ways to optimise the healthcare system and use the limited staff resources the best, is to increase the patient’s rehabilitation process. With the right applications, more people can recover at home, some even needing less support from professional care givers.

Traditional patient lifts must be operated by a caregiver, whereas sit-to-stand lifts – with the help of a caregiver – are easier to control by the user. This helps increase the feeling of self-reliance to the user.

Rely on LINAK experience and product durability
A number of national and international standards and norms are in place to ensure patient safety and a good work environment for healthcare professionals. From years of experience, LINAK follows these closely and manufacture products in compliance with the necessary norms and standards, such as EN10535 regarding the prevention of overload and abuse. 

LINAK systems for patients lifts – traditional or sit-to-stand – are among the most heavily tested on the market. Some of the products we offer are specially designed for patient lifts, for instance the linear actuator LA40 PL. It is a powerful actuator capable of delivering a smooth and full stroke push of 8,000 N (with a high side load). Combining it with a Li-Ion battery BAJL, you can add eco-friendly to your product too.

Several valuable features to help increase safety
LINAK products come with several safety features. For example, the actuator LA40 PL has a built-in end-stop switch and a ratchet spline function. Both in place to ensure no one falls or gets squeezed while operating the lift.

However, features are also available to ensure the safety of the actuator system. Adding a Service Data Tool to your system allows you to pull data from a control box, for example a JUMBO Care™. This data can show you battery status, number of cycles completed, or wear and tear. This way you can plan maintenance ahead and ensure the sit-to-stand lift is always shipshape and fully operational. We call this preventive maintenance. 

If you want to know more about sit-to-stand lifts, patient lifts or how LINAK can improve your healthcare application, please contact your local LINAK office. 


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