Offer your customer a digital hand control option

Using LINAK actuator systems for your comfort furniture enables you to offer three types of digital hand controls.

Corporate News:  2018년 5월 15일 화요일
Mobile device apps are expanding rapidly and customers are embracing this trend – as is LINAK. That is why we have developed: The Standard LINAK Bed Control App, the option to customise the Bed Control App, and the Software Development Kit (SDK) for building a unique app.

Any LINAK system for comfort beds with either the dual actuator TD4 or the LINAK Bluetooth® adapter allows you to use any of the digital hand control options. Your customers already use a smartphone or other mobile device for everyday tasks – why not use it to adjust their bed as well?

Here are the three options:

LINAK Bed Control App: Simply direct your customer to the LINAK Bed Control App in app stores. It is free and available in the app stores today.

Customise the Bed Control App: Showcase your brand with your own app in the app stores. Let us do the work - simply choose the background colour, logo and links to customise the Bed Control App. Create constant brand awareness with your customer in three simple steps.

Software Development Kit (SDK): Tailor an app for your specific needs. With the LINAK SDK and an app developer, you can now build a tailored experience for your customers. 

If you need more information about the various digital products from LINAK, including the SDK, or if you wish to run an idea by us, please contact your local LINAK office.


보다 많은 자료를 원하신다면 귀하의 국가에 있는 LINAK 지사 및 대리점으로 연락하십시오.

LINAK은 인류의 삶의 질 향상과 작업환경 개선을 위해 혁신적인 엑츄에이터 솔루션을 제공합니다.

LINAK은 “전동 엑츄에이터 시스템” 분야의 혁신적인 글로벌 리더가 될 것입니다.

Updated: 2018년 5월 15일 화요일 오전 6:36