New lifting column DL19 for workstations is a 1,200 N push in a smooth design

LINAK presents a powerful lifting column able to push 1,200 N. This version of the DL19 is particularly ideal for strong workstations where attention design is also a requirement.

Product News:  2018년 1월 18일 목요일
 New lifting column DL19 for workstations is a 1,200N push in a smooth design

With the new lifting column DESKLIFT™ 19 in a 1,200N variant, we have extended our product range of lifting columns for industrial workstations. Explore the freedom to design ergonomic workstations that increase handling performance and logistics.

Ergonomics can make a crucial difference when it comes to the improvement of industrial manufacturing environments. When multiple persons share the same workspace and heavy items have to be handled, height adjustable workstations make it easy to ensure the optimal ergonomic work position for the individual. 

In short, ensuring an optimal work position for workers improves not only work ergonomics, but improves the working conditions and reduces sickness absence. 

Explore our extensive portfolio for high-load lifting columns
We have now extended our portfolio of lifting columns for high-load capacity desks. We now offer our recently launched 3-part lifting column DL19 also in an extended 1,200 N version. It comes with a motor housing in a sleek square design with invisible gliding pads, giving you new smart design options for workstations. 

Besides our new DL19 1,200N version, you can also choose our classic lifting column DL1A with ball guidance, the high-load inline column DL2 or the motor housing column DL6 in a rectangular design for the design of your workstation.

High stability, maximal durability

All LINAK lifting columns have been tested thoroughly to ensure maximal durability. They are very reliable and maintenance-free – even in rough and heavy loaded environments.


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Updated: 2018년 1월 18일 목요일 오전 7:40