CBH is now a family of control boxes for comfort furniture

The 3-channel control box CBH Advanced brings forth several new options for manufacturers and designers of adjustable comfort furniture.

Product News:  2018년 1월 18일 목요일
All three member of the CBH control box family

LINAK recently launched the control box CBH Advanced with three channels. This not only provides an option for a 3-actuator comfort bed – it creates a variety of solutions.

With the launch of the control box CBH Advanced with three channels it is possible to connect three actuators meaning three possible adjustments to a comfort bed design. This means that the LINAK portfolio of control boxes for comfort beds now contributes to an even wider variety of comfort bed types. Be it simple designs with two adjustments or a bed with additional adjustments and accessories.

Three versions – something for everyone
The control box family now consists of:

In other words, the CBH series embrace both the simple and the advanced making it easier for you to do all sorts of comfort beds.

CBH Basic for the simple but strong solution
With the control box CBH Basic it is possible to have cost-effective, smooth, and low-noise adjustment using two LINAK actuators. This means beds with backrest, leg adjustment and a cabled hand control.

Advanced solution with three channels
To provide an option for a third actuator in a single control box, LINAK launched the control box CBH Advanced with three channels. With this solution it is possible to create advanced comfort beds systems with an accessory such as an LED Light Rail. With RF or a Bluetooth® Adapter you can use wireless hand controls with memory functions.

Full adjustment package with multiple features
If you require both an advanced system as well as multiple extra features, like Under Bed Light or a massage motor, the CBH Advanced with four channels is the solution for you. This control box has two channels for actuators and two for massage motors. What is more, it is possible to connect the CBH Advanced in a series to create systems with four adjustability possibilities: Back, leg, neck, foot. In short, the CBH Advanced will pave the way for the ultimate comfort bed.
Which one?
Control boxes for even more bed designs


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