Even more options with the TD4 Advanced and the CBH Advanced combined

The combination of the TD4 Advanced and the CBH Advanced opens for the luxury bed market where even more functionalities are expected.

Product News:  2017년 8월 7일 월요일
CBH Advanced

The TD4 Advanced makes it possible to create luxurious bed designs crammed full of functions. The TD4 Advanced dual actuator from LINAK gives you so much more: An elegant and slim design, a pleasant sound level, speed control, Under Bed Light, mechanical emergency lowering and Bluetooth® as well as memory positions integrated into one product.

However, by adding the CBH Advanced to the TD4 Advanced the possibility of adding even more features to a comfort bed system emerge. By including, for example, the LA40 in the bed design, it is possible to adjust both foot and neck individually and thus, create a multifunctional bed. With the CBH Advanced, it is also possible to add accessories such as massage and extra Under Bed Light via the LED Light Rail.

A TD4 Advanced and CBH Advanced system with the options of actuators and accessories.

Easy and compact system
In developing the TD4 Advanced, we made sure that the system is easy to put together while staying compact – even when you need advanced systems. That is why it only takes two screws to mount the CBH Advanced on the side of the TD4 Advanced. This also means that you do not have to mount the CBH Advanced on the bed frame either – it is simply screwed on to the shell of the TD4.

For more information about the many options the TD4 Advanced opens up for, you are welcome to visit our website.
TD4 Advanced LA40 LED Light Rail Massage Motor CBH Advanced


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