Made to Move

Office environments may differ greatly, but the demands placed on the human body have striking similarities. We were not made to sit in one position all day. Like many other animals, our bodies were designed to move.

In today’s automated world, it is not always easy to get the movement our bodies need to work properly. Many of us sit nearly motionless for up to 15 hours a day (car, work, home, etc...).

Thankfully, a number of tools have been developed to help us feel good and keep moving throughout the day.

Propelled by LINAK electric actuators, height adjustable desks allow you to pick a position that is right for you, anytime of the day, whatever the task.

Push a button and make a move because Moving is a part of life. And, it should not stop at the door of the office.

듀얼 액추에이터란?
전동 듀얼 액추에이터는 한 개의 장치로 두 가지 다른 조절기능을 수행하는 독특한 통합 시스템입니다…