MEDLINE & CARELINE solutions with Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) technology feature low standby power while offering more output power and efficiency than traditional transformers. It supports constant actuator speed independent of load on the application.

Universal input voltage makes MEDLINE & CARELINE SMPS solutions adaptable to the worldwide market irrespective of the input voltage.
SMPS Technology


MEDLINE & CARELINE SMPS solutions are characterised by:
  • Environmentally friendly with low standby power consumption
  • High efficiency and power supporting constant actuator speed
  • Not sensitive to DC on mains
  • Universal supply (100-240 VAC)
  • Reduced weight and compact product for easy design into the application
MEDLINE & CARELINE products with SMPS:
The control boxes are typically used in applications like hospital beds, couches/tables for treatment and examination and other medical applications. Visit the product pages for more information about the control boxes with SMPS inside.
  • CB6OBMe
  • CB6P2
  • CB16
Control Box CB6OBMe Control Box CB6P2 Control Box CB16

The external SMPS30 is a floor model for wall mounting or mounting on the application. This SMPS is typically used with IC actuators on couches/table.
  • SMPS30
Switch Mode Power Supply SMPS30