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  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free 
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> Electric linear actuator solutions. It is what we do!

When partnering up with LINAK you get:
  • The broadest product range
  • Decades of experience
  • More standard features than our competitors
By combining expertise with innovation, and working closely with our customers, we maintain our decades-long role as a market leader creating electric linear actuator solutions.

LINAK offers basic movement and intelligent systems solutions for everything from construction and agricultural machinery to trucks, solar trackers, hospital beds, patient lifts, treatment chairs, pool lifts, and more.

LINAK helps you by providing:

  • Basic electric movement and highly advanced solutions
  • Environmentally friendly electric movement compared to hydraulics or pneumatics
  • Safe, quiet and reliable movement with no maintenance
  • Thoroughly tested products with high IP protection and medical approvals
Focus on what you do best. Let LINAK do the rest.

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LA36 Actuator from LINAK